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The Climb

Scale new heights in VR and feel the exhilaration of extreme free solo rock climbing.

Conquer towering rock formations inspired by areas of natural beauty in North America, Europe, and Asia. Explore and enjoy the view or compete for the highest scores and fastest times on leaderboards.

Developed by Crytek and achieved with CRYENGINE™. Free solo climbing – Experience the adrenaline as you ascend to epic heights, explore caves, find shortcuts, and more. Bouldering – Beat intense routes that demand perfect technique and puzzle solving. Tourist mode – Climb at your own pace with simplified mechanics. This mode is ideal for introducing friends to VR.

Multiplayer and achievements – Race other players’ ghosts, rise up leaderboards, and earn 99 achievements to unlock custom gear.

Training modes – Hone your skills in tutorials and see long you can last on an endless wall. Outstanding environments – Become immersed in beautifully rendered, atmospheric locations at day and by night.

  • Astyl

    Nice approach. Hope in a more life-like feeling in future releases