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AbelCine – An Introduction to Virtual Reality


This two-day, introductory workshop will cover the artistry and storytelling of VR. The workshop will start by covering the history of  VR and will take attendees through existing VR content. Different types of VR filmmaking and VR cameras will be discussed. The second day will allow attendees to get more hands-on with a VR shoot. At the end of the workshop, attendees will be able to view this VR footage in Samsung Gear VR headsets.

If are interested in extending you knowledge our 360 Video Stitching with Kolor Workshop is the ideal companion class to this class. Details will be posted soon.

Upcoming In-Person Workshop Dates

Tuesday – Wednesday, Jun 28th – 29th

Location: AbelCine, Los Angeles

Day 1

  • The history of VR
  • Best of VR – viewing and discussion of VR content
  • VR storytelling and the basis of VR filmmaking
    • Live action VR versus game engine based VR
    • 2D VR versus 3D VR
    • VR rigs and camera available on the market
  • Introduction to VR equipment
  • Creation and writing of the VR demo for Day 2
  • How to use the limitation of the equipment / location to create the best VR experience possible

Day 2

  • Summary of fist day
  • VR shoot
  • Unloading the SD cards / the delicate question of data management for VR
  • Stitching: Theory
  • Review of the demo(s) in the headset