The distinguishing feature of this product line is its absolutely tailor-made digital design.
You could choose the shape of your bag by selecting the design you prefer and editing the text that best fits your personality.

DADA is the family’s name of these revolutionary 3d bags.
As DADA in the past, DADA handbags refuse conformity with traditional aesthetics by showing how far that definition could be stretched and broken, towards new innovative touch, texture surface and shapes.

XYZbag_1A range of innovative and revolutionary personalized 3D bags.

You can choose Dada as an evening bag due to its versatile size and compact shape or during the day. Fit your style with the two versions of  the inside bag!
It can be a miniature clutch, purse, makeup bag or used to keep your essentials together.
Miniature-sized doesn’t mean minimal use!XYZbag_2An amusing (and extremely useful) function of your Dada is that it can be used as a useful funny pack or a cross bag, by just turning the strap.

You can create your own bag …