For the first time in history, it’s about living inside an experience with endless possibilities to participate and create.

Utilizing a layering of real-time interactive environments, and blending the real world with the digital, our participants are placed into our Hyper-Reality experiences.

Our proprietary hardware and software explode the limitations of current and upcoming VR entertainment offerings by layering digital worlds over the top of real-time interactive environments.

From textures and temperatures to moisture and motion, our environments respond to your movements and choices and evolve naturally as you interact with them.

Ghostbusters Dimension
World Premiere At
Madame Tussauds New York

This July you’ll be able to strap on a proton pack, feel the rumble of the proton gun in your hands, and literally step into the world of Ghostbusters in this epic adventure.

We teamed up with Sony Pictures to develop our first public installation based on the studio’s Ghostbuster Franchise.

Come track and trap ghosts through a New York apartment complex.

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