The original Cyber-Anatomy VR™ system was created for doctors in countries where, due to religious beliefs and customs, cadavers are not available.  Today, Cyber-Anatomy products transcend global requirements.

Cyber-Anatomy, founded by two scientists both with their PhD in Engineering, is located in Iowa and is privately held. With humble beginnings, they worked hard to create innovative systems to enable students all over the world to learn anatomy in an easy and intuitive manner.

By providing a realistic and immersive environment for virtual dissection and exploration of anatomy, teachers and doctors are able to advance their students’ core curriculum and understanding of the Human Body. Cyber Anatomy Corporation is dedicated to the advanced learning through interactive methods, where visualization is presented using the most effective technologies. We continue to offer revolutionary game-changing technologies.

Additionally, this technology breakthrough became the catalyst for other learning systems under the Cyber-Anatomy name. Because students are presented with unforgettable discovery of the human anatomy, retention is magnified.   The company was established on the following principles :

  • Quality is Vital
  • Interactivity is Essential
  • Visuals must be Believable and Realistic

Cyber-Anatomy Med™ is the world’s most advanced virtual 3D cadaver for interactive anatomy education. Highest quality of anatomical models and rich content makes this 3D interactive software the most effective learning tool. This high end product can be visualized in regular 3D and stereoscopic 3D with objects floating in 3D space

Cyber-Science 3D™ is a suite of interactive 3D software in the areas of biology, human anatomy, zoology, micro-biology, chemistry and much more that allow the user to explore, control, and manipulate virtual 3D models. Used by students, instructors, and researchers, it is available for download to your computer or licensing for institutions. This high end product can be visualized in regular 3D and stereoscopic 3D with objects floating in 3D space

The Cyber Physiology: SimBioSys (Simulations of Biological Systems) software environment are a group of numerical simulation programs that model the heart, circulation, lungs and kidneys in coordination.

Cyber-Anatomy Med VR™ is an advanced virtual reality turnkey 3D stereo system for learning anatomy using a virtual cadaver. It is the world’s most interactive system for anatomy education. It offers 3D immersive stereoscopic technology that allows a user to visualize complex anatomy through an intuitive and easy approach. Cyber-Anatomy Med VR was developed based on the most recent technological advancements adopted from gaming and graphics, and uses medically accurate 3D models of anatomy.

Cyber-Science 3D VR™ Same can be visualized and interacted with through stereoscopic immersive systems (virtual reality). Whether for the classroom or for a personal experience, these immersive systems have been scientifically proven to enhance learning by 30%. The modules are available in two formats:

(1) Interactive 3D through the web or server
(2) Interactive 3D stereoscopic using Virtual Reality

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