Gross Anatomy VR Lab

Explore over 13,000 anatomical objects by systems and regions using accurate Anatomica Termilogica. This is the perfect solution to augment or replace an existing cadaver lab.

zSpace Anatomy Lab Manual

Comprehensive lab workbook to augment a Gross Anatomy course for undergraduate and AP Biology studies. Written and curated by medical education professionals.

Teaching Presentation View

Using our zView technology, the educator can share the teaching experience with the class via a standard project, white board, or HD TV.

DICOM Viewer

This powerful DICOM image viewer will volumetrically render 2D DICOM slices, producing rich representations in zSpace.

Surgical Training

Practice surgical procedures in zSpace with step-by-step training and progress tracking. Students can choose from varying levels of difficulty.

For years anatomy has faced many limitations in the laboratory. For one, dissections have always been performed from the outside in (starting with the muscle system and ending with digestive or reproductive systems), which fails to show how intertwined and interdependent our organ systems are. Second, dissections of individual muscle groups takes much practice and technique, which is often lacking, and results in butchered muscles.

zSpace and Cyber Anatomy

have revolutionized learning with 3D imaging technology that gives students the most out of their laboratory experience by radically changing the order in which dissections are done. Using zSpace along with CyberAnatomy will allow you to uild Your own body from the inside out, building organ systems on top of each other, starting with the nervous system and ending with the integumentary system.

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