Inspire student understanding LASD quote By the time students left, they were talking about how excited they were to learn about the heart.

Katie Farley, STEM Teacher Los Altos School District

Transform STEM education Plainview Old-Bethpage quote You can get a lot more done in your 42-min period. Setting up some of these labs would be impossible in those time frames. But you can walk into zSpace and have the lab saved and ready to go for the students.

Jordan Pekor, Physics Teacher Plainview Old-Bethpage Central School District

Empower learning by doing Keck Graduate Institute quote The ability to manipulate is a very powerful tool in education, and zSpace allows you to do that.

Jerome Garcia, Professor Keck Graduate Institute of Pharmacy

What’s in the zSpace STEM Lab?

The zSpace STEM Lab is designed for student-centered learning, with teachers in the lab as facilitators. Schools typically engage 2-3 students per zSpace system, resulting in labs with 10 or more zSpace systems. Each zSpace system consists of the following:

24″ HD Display, with zSpace virtual reality technology
zSpace Stylus
zSpace Eyewear
Keyboard and Mouse

Our STEM software applications, along with our partner applications, cover a range of STEM topics. View a full list of zSpace activities here.

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