Using high-fidelity 3D graphics, ForgeFX provides custom application development services for clients who are looking for interactive 3D job-training simulations.

Global Ground Support, a leading manufacturer of military, airline and airport ground support equipment, has partnered with ForgeFX to produce their next generation aircraft deicing training simulator. Running on the Oculus Rift platform, the latest version of the simulator will allow aircraft deicing operators to train in virtual reality, giving them a greater sense of immersion as they train for their mission-critical jobs.

ForgeFX is a 3D job-training simulation and e-Learning development company.

Our simulation technology and production expertise are not limited to any one industry—we love to employ our talent and creativity on projects in new areas. We work with you to build interactive 3D simulations that give your trainees the ability to learn effectively while reducing your training costs and increasing employee efficiency and productivity — increasing your bottom line.

The military has a longstanding tradition of employing job training simulations to prepare troops for a wide array of job roles.

One specific example is the following simulation which allows soldiers to practice assembling a portable armored wall system, a mission-critical defensive structure, quickly in a safe and risk-free virtual environment. This military training simulation was developed for Dynamic Defense Materials.

Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality applications take advantage of small headset hardware devices to immerse people in virtual worlds. Users can move around exterior and interior spaces, exploring the objects contained in the space at a more accurate level than when experienced on a flat monitor.

Virtual Reality (VR) applications offer a wide field of view, precise head-tracking and low latency that delivers an immersive experience that closely simulates a physical presence in a computer-simulated reality.

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