The Vuze virtual reality VR camera was created by HumanEyes Technologies, a veteran in 3D and animated content creation, display and processing and a pioneer of the lenticular printing solutions for the Graphic Arts industry.

We are experts in computer vision since 2000, with over 70 patents in various fields of 3D and photographic 3D, and have become a global market leader with partners including Kodak, HP, Oce and Fuji Film, in addition to thousands of photographers, graphic artists and printers.

Latest developments in Virtual Reality technology opened a new opportunity for HumanEyes. A highly engaged, experience-thirsty market was ready to consume virtual reality content. Meanwhile hobbyists and artists around the world have begun embracing the social media revolution to video their interests and share them virally with family, friends and fans.

Until now, these two worlds – virtual reality and video recording – weren’t able to combine as the technology, cost and skills required to create virtual reality video were simply beyond the layperson’s reach.

So, the Vuze VR camera was born.

Vuze 360 cameraVuze camera is the world’s first high quality, high resolution 3D 360 virtual reality camera with an integrated Studio featuring super-simple automatic VR movie production. Now everyone without a Hollywood budget or technical expertise can create unforgettable experiences to relive and share from every angle, over and over.

Capturing virtual reality footage with Vuze camera is as simple as any camera. Producing and editing is as simple as file-transfer and sharing is like familiar social media practice.

Inside Vuze camera is a bundle of world-leading technologies, extensive know-how and tightly integrated hardware with software. On the outside, Vuze camera is simple, making it easy for anyone to create amazing virtual reality experiences.

All-you-need VR Kit

Vuze Camera
Capture 4K 3D 360° VR Video with your own Vuze camera. So compact, light weight & gorgeous, you’ll never leave it at home.

Vuze App
Remotely control, preview and manage media on your Vuze camera with our Vuze App.

Vuze Studio
Automatically generate, edit and quick share your VR movies with our Vuze Studio.

VR Headset
Relive the WHOLE scene with our FREE VR headset. Use it with any smartphone.

HomidoWe have partnered with Homido to bring you the best in class smartphone VR Headset. It’s wireless and works with any smartphone, giving you total freedom of movement. With impeccable design and attention to user-experience detail, the VR Headset is ergonomic for particularly comfortable wearing and usage. Get if for FREE with Vuze VR Kit.