DEEP Breathing

is a meditative and psychoactive VR game that is controlled by player’s breathing. Players wear the Oculus Rift and a custom DEEP controller to explore a beautiful and mysterious underwater world.

Allow the game to sweep you into its relaxing embrace as it teaches you yogic breathing techniques that can alleviate stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Take a DEEP breath and soar beneath the waves to meet ancient gods and other strange lifeforms.

Deep VR Controller

The Controller
The custom controller measures diaphragm expansion in order to sense deep breathing. This information is fed back to the player in a variety of visual cues, intimately linking their consciousness and breath.

The environment’s layout gently encourages the player to slow their breath, to sink deeper and relax. It can be played for therapeutic or aesthetic reasons, and does not require the use on arms, legs or hands.

TEDx Talks

In his fascinating talk Owen explains more about DEEP, a virtual reality game controlled by abdominal breathing that he designed in an attempt to cope with his own feelings of anxiety and unease. The game allowed him and others to experience deep relaxation and calmness very much needed these days.

Owen Harris is a game designer, lecturer and lover of all things playful. When he is not working on DEEP, a virtual reality game he designed, he heads the studio of the award winning bitSmith Games and teaches in DIT’s new BA program in Game Design.

He has spoken all over Ireland and Europe on game design, community building and production. His mission is to bring about an increased awareness of the value of playfulness in everyday life.

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