Individuals who are planning to purchase a VR gear for their Android smartphones will soon have another model to consider, the ASUS VR headset. It was first seen during the Computex 2016.

Visitors, members of the press, and tech aficionados were surprised to see the ASUS VR headset during the ongoing technology trade show in Taiwan. The company kept it a secret for quite a while, without even a hint during its very own “Zenvolution” phone-launching event held a day before the Computex show.

Mobile Geeks reported that the ASUS VR headgear has a similarity with the company’s Zenwatch, with its brown-colored leather strap. Even the stitch patterns on both products are similarly done. The main contraption, where one needs to slide in their phone, is colored gray, while the front contains a darker-colored plastic, similar to the Samsung Gear VR. The price should be around 200 $.

The headset will be able to handle an Android phone with up to 5.7-inch display screens, and the newly revealed ZenFone 3 would fit perfectly. A wheel-type button for focal adjustment is present at the top, while the left side contains a volume rocker and something that looks like a touchpad. The right-hand side of the device does not contain any controls or buttons.

The Verge reported that ASUS has openly admitted to being more interested in augmented reality than VR and this seems to denote that the company simply created the VR headset because every other phone manufacturer is creating one.

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No one at the event was able to hold it in the flesh since the device is in a glass display enclosure. However, the publication was able to capture a short video of the upcoming device, which is expected to be released in the second half of the year.