To help prepare for spaceflight and exploration, ESA organizes six-day expeditions each year in the caves of Sardinia with astronauts, cosmonauts and explorers from all over the world.

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano and speleologist Francesco Sauro take us underground during the ESA CAVES 2014 course – Cooperative Adventure for Valuing and Exercising human behavior and performance Skills.

ESA Sardinia Cave 3DESA’s underground training course is all about getting astronauts ready for space. One aspect is the three-dimensional world under our feet – so watch this video in 3D.

Moving in a cave, either horizontally using cables and tethers or vertically with climbing equipment, requires continuous attention, skilful use of tools and a healthy trust in the equipment. Underground ‘cavewalks’ are similar to spacewalks because they require safety tethering, 3D orientation, staying clear of dangerous areas, and careful planning and teamwork.