This first of its kind wearable platform has been optimized for simulation, training and teaching material for workers in and out of the classroom.

It can be easily integrated with existing learning management systems, data streams from industrial equipment and simulators, as well as blended video with 3D graphics.

EON Reality’s technology also enables AR and VR applications to be transitioned between different display devices, a key component for near-term mass deployments across organizations.

“We’ve been following ODG’s development closely,” said Mark Cheben, Global Marketing Director at EON Reality. “The R-7 brings to market a head mounted augmented reality display made for industry and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for our customers.

EON RealityImagine challenging academic concepts in Biochemistry, where complex compounds and molecules can be seen and manipulated in microscopic detail and on a high-resolution, 3D mobile display.

Or imagine an industrial worker out in the field who could access his company’s knowledge management systems and do a practice simulation, fixing a piece of equipment before actually undertaking the task.”

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