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Littlstar is the leading content network for Virtual Reality and 360 Video. We give consumers the best place to discover premium VR from Disney, Discovery Channel, Showtime, NBC, ABC, FOX, National Geographic, and many more of the world’s biggest brands and content creators.


We are excited and passionate about the future of entertainment, education, storytelling and immersive experiences powered by the new medium of virtual reality. The innovations in the space will allow you to be instantly catapulted into experiences ranging from a front row seat at a concert to a shark infested shipwreck on everything from your mobile device, desktop, television, or headset.


Redfoo and the Party Rock Crew unexpectedly embark on a crazy adventure through time, and keep you hanging on inside the eye of the storm. With full 360 degree visual freedom, you control the camera to find all the elements that make the story come to life, and turn the past into Party Rock before going back to the Footure.

“Circle of Life” 360° Experience | THE LION KING on Broadway

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