3D Avatar Scanned in 20 minutes

3D photorealistic avatar created from scan data with near-automatic processes in less than 20 minutes.
The process entails capturing a body and several face poses using separate captures, then combining the body and face together onto a single, controllable 3D character.

The body was captured using a photogrammetry cage and automatically rigged.
The face was captured using a single RGB-D sensor and processed automatically.

Since the face uses scan data, all the details of a facial expression are personalized; you can see blood flow in the cheeks while smiling, wrinking of the forehead and so forth.

Body and face models are then stitched together and color corrected for compatibility.

We believe that this kind of just-in-time capability will help to revolutionize games, virtual reality, television and movies, social applications and communication.

source : ICT – Institute of Creative Technologies