The Ultimate VR System

The solution to locomotion in VR has arrived. All of the VirZOOM experiences are powered by you.

Integrated wireless sensors track all of your movements and sensors measure your pedaling speed – the faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you go in the virtual world.

Steer by leaning your body to the left and right. Action buttons, triggers and d-pad on the handlebars create advanced game-play.

Enjoy VirZOOM exercise games included with your VZ controller. Say goodbye to your boring workout.

VirZoom is a team of developers with many years of experience creating blockbuster motion games. VirZOOM is a privately backed company, which is why many of you haven’t heard of us, but we’ve been taking VirZOOM for live demonstrations to game shows since last E3. See our press and interview forum threads for more details.

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