For decades, private aviation was expensive, hard to use and high maintenance. Founded in 2014, Airvinci is an aviation company aiming to change the future of personal flight.
As a perfect combination of personal helicopter and drone, Airvinci Backpack Helicopter is easy to control, mechanically simple, needs no runway and will have the capacity to lift 260lbs up to 12,000 ft high!

Airvinci’s pioneer users will be enthusiastic pilots, avid skydivers, forward looking shippers, courageous people involved into search and rescue or simply individuals who shares the same value like us to create a smart and sophisticated product to make flight easy, safe and cost-effective.
Airvinci is currently in the process of developing the prototype, the live stream of the first flight will take place in mid 2016.
And the drone will be ready to the market in 2017. With Airvinci, the very personal exploration of the sky will be easier than ever for you.
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