A New Bible VR Experience

Bible VRX lets you experience scenes from the Bible in virtual reality! Harnessing cutting edge VR technology, our mobile app places you at the center of the Bible’s greatest stories. Bible VRX brings Bible stories to life in ways they have never been seen before!

Stand on the field as David takes on Goliath, kneel beside Daniel in the depth of the lion’s den, or witness the parting of the Red Sea with Moses. With Bible VRX we place the viewer right in the center of the action with full 360-degree range of view.

Bible VR Education

Where can I get it?

Bible VRX is designed for both IOS and Android devices used in tangent with a Google Cardboard 2.0 viewer. We are in the process of  developing our own custom viewer for future release; in the meantime you can purchase one here :

With the release of Bible VRX Lite we are testing the waters with what’s possible for a VR Bible app. We want to give you a taste of what will be a much bigger project. As a startup we are currently going after seed funding to expand the “Light version” of Bible VRX to develop it into a full library of VR Biblical scenes. These will come with new added music scores, narration, and more animated effects.

Download our app today from Google Play for your Android phones, and at the Apple App Store for iPhones.

more : biblevrx.com