Create stereo panoramas ready for VR viewing.

Iris Scope automatically converts your panoramic images into VR 360 experiences. The app tracks your head movement and allows you to look around your image.

Cross-platform, Mobile-first.

Iris Scope works with both iOS and Android devices in the Google Cardboard.

One Button Interface.

Iris Scope is designed to work with the touch interface of Google Cardboard, so all commands and functions can be completed with one tap. GearVR support is available with a one-time setup fee.

IRIS Scope Android

IRIS Scope iOS

Optimized for Speed.

The image sizes required for immersive VR are demanding on smartphones. IrisVR has catered to the constraints of mobile by creating technology that displays images at 60 fps.

No Image Cap.

Your images are stored directly on your phone after you sync with your account. This allows you to view as many images as needed, without managing your library or deleting experiences.

Manage your images online.

Upload and delete images from your account online. These images are available for download on your smartphone.

Panorama Library.

Your account comes with access to secure web storage.

Image Prep.

The panoramas are processed online and optimized for VR.

Mobile Viewing.

When you log into the Iris Mobile App, your panos are downloaded and are ready for viewing on your smartphone.