A lovely toucan named Grecia was cruelly attacked by a gang of teenagers in Costa Rica last year.

Grecia’s beak was so mutilated that the bird couldn’t even properly feed itself and would have probably died if some kind farmers hadn’t brought it to ZooAve animal shelter in La Garita, Alajuela.

Animal lovers donated £6,380 to help save the bird and four local companies joined forces to make Grecia a 3D-printed beak.

Now, after a year and a half, Grecia has fully recovered and couldn’t be happier with its new beak. The magnificent bird has also become a symbol for the fight to pass an Animal Welfare Bill in Costa Rica (animal mistreatment is still not illegal in the country.)

Toucan Beak 3D printed beforeA 40-minute feature film “Toucan Nation” about Grecia has also recently premiered and is currently shown in 170 countries. As for the bird, it will remain at the zoo since experts believe it wouldn’t survive in the wild.

Also, its new beak needs regular maintenance and check ups. Once Grecia’s gender is determined, the bird will get a partner.

“Like every living creature, Grecia needs company, that’s a priority to improve his quality of life and we hope that he, or she, can even be able to raise a family,” said ZooAve manager Magaly Quesada.

More info: rescateanimalzooave.org