As seen on TV! MeteoEarth is the revolutionary new weather app from MeteoGroup, the developers of WeatherPro and AlertsPro. Adapted from a professional weather broadcast tool used by TV presenters around the world, and employing high-end gaming technology, never before used in a weather app, the stunning graphics on MeteoEarth bring the weather to life.

Navigate the 3D globe at the touch of a button, spin seamlessly from place to place, zoom in on a rain front moving over Europe then pan out to see a hurricane approaching Florida. With MeteoEarth, seeing is believing! You don’t need to be a weather enthusiast to love MeteoEarth. The awesome design and smooth movement means it’s simply a pleasure to show-off with this app.

MeteoEarth Location


See the rain front coming in.


Locate warm and cold areas around the world.


Check the wind conditions and the jetstream.

Cloud cover

Follow the direction of the moving clouds.


Track high and low pressure systems.

Storm tracker

Track tropical storms like hurricanes and typhoons.


Access to webcams all over the world, in partnership with

MeteoEarth ClimateCheck out the climate for any location – the perfect tool when planning to travel!

  • Explore Earth using simple finger commands to zoom in, out, and around a 3D globe.
  • Pause, rewind and move forward in time for 24-hour weather forecast.
  • Save an unlimited number of favourite locations, synchronisable via iCloud (iOS).
  • Choose and combine multiple weather layers to display cloud cover, precipitation, wind, pressure, etc.
  • Track hurricanes and typhoons with the storm tracker.
  • Access thousands of live weather webcams covering popular destinations around the world.
  • Switch to climate view and check the weather in a holiday destination at any time of the year.
  • Download the data and continue to use MeteoEarth in offline mode even when there is no signal.
  • Connectivity via Apple or Fire TV, MiraCast or Chromecast – MeteoEarth and the big screen are made for each other!

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