Two ladies are leading the digital revolution in the Philippines as top executives of an IT conglomerate that opened the world of virtual reality for local industries.

“We at Synergy88 are very excited to be in the midst of this digital revolution. Technology gives us incredible power to change the world in almost every facet of society.  From education to agriculture, finance, marketing and finance.

You name it, and technology is right there at the helm of development. The possibilities are limitless,” says Jackeline Chua, the managing director and co-founder of Synergy 88, an IT conglomerate that employs 200 Filipino professionals.

“We are committed to the continuous flow of change, disruption and revolution.  Constant innovation and evolution is in our DNA.  We not only create products or services, but we also create products that help improve the everyday life of ordinary people.

Synergy88 wants to put its most valuable assets–the Filipino talent front and center of the digital entertainment industry,” says Chua, who obtained degrees in political science and marketing management from the De La Salle University.


“This is our unique strength.  This is synergy.  Our wish is for future Filipinos to become digital natives.  Our country can become a force to reckon with in the digital world,” she says.

Synergy 88 provides services such as multi-media production, game development, publication, digital graphics, animation, co-location and web-development and rendering services.

Aside from Renderbee, other member companies of the Synergy 88 Group are ASI Studios, a full service animation studio based in Quezon City; Synergy 88 Digital, a Manila-based art-strong creative digital solutions studio that provides games and non-game applications; Kalaro Games Philippines Inc., the publishing arm of Synergy88; South Eastern Data Center Inc., a carrier-neutral data center which provides IT solutions such as co-location and web development services; DGx Hub, an innovative digital graphics studio and game software provider; and Synergy 88 Productions, a full service multi-media digital production company that handles TV commercial production and audio-visual campaigns.

ASI Studios, a partnership between Synergy 88 and Singapore’s August Media Holdings, has a team of 140 highly trained artists and technicians. Chua says ASI is set to engross prime-time audiences in the Philippines with the country’s first animated drama for adults next year.

“We are in the process of doing it right now [animation film].  We started the production already.  The animation, we are doing it in our company.  Pre-production is being done in Japan.  It is a partnership with a big broadcast network in Japan,” says Chua.

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