The Power of Thermal In Your Hand

See the world from a new perspective with the revolutionary Cat® S60.

Combining the classic rugged qualities of Cat phones with leading smartphone innovation, this new generation rugged smartphone will allow you to Capture Everything from the palm of your hand.

Achieve more with the world’s first thermal imaging smartphone.

See the World Differently


a Turning Point in Smartphone Innovation

Revolutionize the way you interact with the world around you with the power of thermal just a touch away. Be among the first to bring this accessible thermal imaging technology to your workplace, your home or even on-the-go with the Cat® S60.

With thermal imaging available at the simple touch of a button, you can quickly identify gaps in insulation, electrical faults and monitor the performance of machinery.

You can even check the gas cylinder levels for your barbecue or find the freshest loaf of bread at the market.

But really the possibilities are endless…we’re looking to YOU to find them all.


Like a Fish to Water

The world’s most waterproof smartphone can survive depths of up to 5 meters for 60 minutes using our unique Lockdown Switch.

The S60 can also take underwater photographs and video, as well as boasting a glove and wet-finger compatible Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 touchscreen.