Education with Lifeliqe

Lifeliqe is a platform company for the creation, sharing and deployment of advanced interactive models into mobile, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D printable media.

Lifeliqe’s platform exclusively presents Corinth Classroom, a visual learning tool with 1,000 advanced interactive (3D) models proven to increase engagement and learning in students. Education is the first industry launching on the Lifeliqe platform with more to follow.

Education & Virtual Reality

Lifeliqe is a strategic content partner for education with HTC Vive, the world’s leading manufacturer of the most advanced VR systems

Lifeliqe also partners with HP School Pack 2.0, which is pre-loaded on over 1 million HP devices in 2016 and is VR-enabled, which means students worldwide will be able to use 3D objects in the classroom and at home.

Lifeliqe is also bundled with zSpace, a leading VR device maker. Through this partnership the advanced interactive models that Lifeliqe presents is used by students in virtual reality using their device and glasses.

Technology Behind Virtual & Augmented Reality

Lifeliqe is a leader in the latest virtual and augmented reality technologies. Its solutions leverage different types of VR/AR approaches. Using a technology called “stereo rendering,” objects are manipulated in a real environment between the screen and a user’s head.

Lifeliqe technology integrates head tracking with full motion parallax and a precision interactive stylus. Lifeliqe also works with sensor-based virtual reality — technology used by HTC Vive, for example — to merge real word objects into a virtual reality setup.

The combined real word environment uses a two-part system based on stereoscopic 3D rendering on a semi-transparent mirror (i.e. normal or head mounted-glasses).

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