The Symposium

This animation shows ancient Greeks at a drinks-party, or symposium (‘symposion’ in Greek).

It was developed for the University of Oxford Faculty of Classics using a cup from the Ashmolean Museum.

At symposiums, groups of adult citizens gathered to enjoy each other’s company or to celebrate special occasions. Non-citizen men, and women who were professional entertainers or companions, might also attend.  Guests usually reclined on couches facing towards each other and used a range of vases to mix, serve, and drink watered wine.  The guests might have had dinner together beforehand.


Panoply Vase Animation Projects

run by Steve K. Simons and Sonya Nevin combining Steve’s animation skills with Sonya’s expertise in ancient Greek culture.

Steve has been making vase animations since 2007. With a history in software engineering, Steve studied multimedia production and design before becoming a freelance animator.

Sonya is a Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton in London. She did her doctorate on ancient Greek warfare at University College Dublin.

She has worked and volunteered in the Ure Museum, the UCD Classical Museum, and the Royal Museums Greenwich.

Sonya’s research and teaching interests include religion, warfare, and historiography.


HOPLITES (Greeks at War)

Hoplites – Greeks at War is an animation created for Panoply’s ‘Every Soldier has a Story’ exhibition at the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, University of Reading.


Clash of the Dicers

Achilles (left) and Ajax playing a game with dices, during the Trojan War.



This animation is made from an ancient Greek vase from the island of Euboea.



This animation is based on the myth of the Amazons and made using an ancient Greek vase.


The Panoply website also has information on the vases, the background to the myths, history, and animations, and ideas for using the animations in teaching.

a GREAT HELLENIC RESPECT to Steve K. Simons & Sonya Nevin