Virtual Reality has been used for training and education for many years by the military, law enforcement, research labs and even NASA.

Only now has the technology become available for the average consumer as mobile phone technology has driven the price of a headset down from many thousands of dollars to a couple of hundred dollars.

Advances in home computing has also had a major effect as they get faster and less expensive they can now provide realistic simulations through computer generated graphics that only 10 years ago would have seemed impossible.

These reasons are why virtual reality has not been used in education until now.

Immersive VR Education

are committed to changing the delivery method of education worldwide by  providing the most realistic simulations possible when it comes to historic and real world events while providing an educational experience that will both educate and entertain students and get them more engaged with their studies.

They aim to inspire the new generation to reach their full potential.

ENGAGE is a free to use education and presentation platform that seeks to transform how people share ideas and teach lessons to each other globally by harnessing the power of virtual reality technologies such as the Oculus Rift & HTC Vive.

Astronaut Charlie Duke plays Apollo 11 VR on Oculus Rift

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