Anouk Wipprecht (Fashion 3D-Tech Designer)

Robotic Fashion and Intuitive Interfaces

1. FASHION + PROSTHETICS Viktoria Modesta
2. WIRELESS BIOSIGNALS connecting the body to its environment
3. GAMIFYING FASHION make it FUN and accessible
4. PERSONAL SPACE Intel Edison based Spider Dress
5. ‘interface becomes tool’
6. EDUCATION MAKE and SHARE with community

Anouk Wipprecht is an Fashion-Tech Designer and Innovator working in the emerging field of “FashionTech” – a rare combination of fashion design combined with engineering, robotics, science and interaction/user experience design to make fashion an experience that transcends mere appearances.

Anouk Wipprecht 3D FashionShe wants her garments to facilitate and augment the interactions we have with ourselves and our surroundings.

Her Spider Dress is a perfect example of this aesthetic, where sensors and moveable arms on the dress help to create a more defined boundary of personal space while employing a fierce style.

Partnering up with companies such as Intel, AutoDesk, Google, Microsoft, Cirque Du Soleil, Audi, and 3D printing company Materialise she researches how our future would look as we continue to embed technology into what we wear.

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