Eye Create Worlds & IoT (Internet of Things) Diorama

Eye Create Worlds LLC is a Virtual and Augmented Reality software company committed to developing high quality immersive applications, games, and experiences.

Our team is comprised of developers, artists, musicians, and engineers who are passionate about creating content for Virtual and Augmented Reality with a focus on interactivity, sense of presence, and comfort.

This is footage of a VR prototype created for displaying sensor data and video streaming in real time from IoT sensors/camera devices designed for Rail or the transportation industry.

In the video different examples of accessing and displaying the sensor data is demonstrated. The user is able to seamlessly switch between the 3.

eye-create-worlds-iot-diorama-hands-onThe first mode shows a more traditional panel type orientation with data displayed on panels surrounding the user in a 360 space.

The second mode shows a “god” view of what looks like to the user like a model train table (Diorama).

The user can look down at certain objects on the table in front of them, and activate and display real world sensor data from the IOT devices. The model in front of the user in the prototype is very basic, but could be replaced with a real model representations of cities using real blueprint data or other captured data.

The 3rd mode shows what looks to the user like they are standing inside the environment at the track level.

The user can look down at the track and get real world data coming from real sensors overlaid on the virtual track in front of them. The video then demonstrates how the user can look at a video camera in the structure and activate its real world live camera feed.

The Footage was recorded using an Oculus DK2 and a Leap Motion (hands) controller captured directly from Unity 5.2’s main display output.

VRTheatre – A Virtual Reality media player powered by VLC


is a Virtual Reality media player application powered by VLC. It allows the user to watch videos in a variety of simulated VR environments. VRT currently supports the Oculus CV1 / DK2 and Leap Motion Controller as well as Gamepad or Keyboard and mouse for interface/control.

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