In collaboration with RealD 3D, three of the world’s best Google Tilt Brush artists collaborated to create alternate realities inspired by Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange.

Artists Stuart Campbell, Steve Teeple and Danny Bittman traveled to New York, London and Hong Kong to let fans expand their minds, exclusively in Tilt Brush by Google.

Creative agency Denizen using the Google Tilt Brush software, paint 3D worlds into reality. Viewers can explore these places in a 50-square-foot empty space. Denizen already brought the Doctor Strange VR celebration to New York City, London, and Hong Kong to tease the fans.

DOCTOR STRANGE is in theaters in RealD 3D November 4.

The internet Craves Authenticity

By Matthew Levine VP of Business Development

For decades advertisers and their agencies were able to craft very specific creative strategies for very specific mediums. There was a playbook for creating great print ads, a formula for great radio and even best practices for broadcast television. When a brand and an agency came together on a campaign the course was pretty much set. Then, along came the internet and everything changed.

When creating content for the internet, conventional wisdom said that if it works for TV, then it will definitely work on the internet. So that is what traditional advertising agencies did. They took their :15, :30 and :60 spots and just slapped them up on YouTube and Facebook and other various social platforms in hopes that the internet would pay attention.

Well, a funny thing about the internet is there are different rules and expectations. One that we find as truth here at Denizen is that the internet craves authenticity.

Since Denizen was born into the digital content revolution, we were quick to realize that the more authentic the viewing experience, the greater engagement our content achieved. We found that the collective internet simply wants to feel that what they are watching is relatable and honest in a way that TV is never expected to deliver.

One recent example that we feel embodies this truth is, “The Mad Hatter Surprise” that we created in support of the latest installment of Disney’s “Alice, Through The Looking Glass”. By creating an authentic experience for parks goers, we were able to translate that experience into a captivating video that has achieved viral success.