Home Tech Real Time Translation in your ear … by Waverly Labs (UpDated 2)

Real Time Translation in your ear … by Waverly Labs (UpDated 2)


(UpDated 2)

Dear Community,

Six months ago, we began communicating with you about our IndieGogo early bird campaign, what an incredible journey it has been since, and this is just the beginning!

Our backers have shared amazing stories and gave us great examples of how they plan to use Pilot to speak with friends, family or anyone in their everyday lives. We hope to count many more of you to join our community.

Here are a few highlights of what has happened since last summer:

Our team expanded and in September we moved offices to New Lab, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Soon after and thanks to our community’s precious support, we reached $3M in fundings!

More recently, our hardware team left for Shenzen, China to select final manufacturing partners to begin the stages of pre-production, and the Pilot Speech Translation app was released to a group of language beta testers.

The app will be available to the general public for both Android and iOS very soon!

Go Go Indiegogo !!!

Meet the Pilot

At the convergence of wearable technology + machine translation, the Pilot is the world’s first smart earpiece which translates between users speaking different languages.

A Life Untethered

wavery-labs-pilot-real-time-translationThe Pilot comes with an additional earpiece for wireless streaming music and an accompanying app, which toggles between languages.

Free from Language Barriers

Experience the world like never before. The Pilot works offline and overseas.

UpDate : (15th Sept 2016)

Last weekend, our IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign reached $3 million, an unexpected 3000% raise from our original $75,000 goal !

While Pilot first raised $1M in 2.5 hours after its campaign launch – creating an unprecedented media buzz during which Pilot’s promotional video was viewed over 45M X on Facebook – the campaign was moved to IndieGogo Indemand platform allowing backers to continue purchasing Pilot.

Now, with over $3 million raised in crowdfunding and a strong community of 13,000+ backers in pre-sale, we recently moved offices into New Lab, an interdisciplinary space located in the Brooklyn Navy Yards of New York City and dedicated to hardware startups.

We’re also selecting final manufacturing partners to begin the stages of pre-production in Shenzhen, China and we’re equally excited to release the app next month and finally gather the community of backers around Pilot.

Andrew Ochoa,

CEO of Waverly Labs recently shared with the Press :

“We’re on a journey to create a world without language barriers, and our community has been extremely inspirational. They shared amazing stories and given us great examples of how they will use Pilot to speak with friends, family or anyone in their everyday lives. This is the first step in fulfilling a dream of an earpiece which translates everything around you, and we can’t wait to get Pilot into the hands and ears of everyone!”