Public speaking training system developed at Delft University of Technology. This system allows people to practice their presentation in front of a virtual audience, while receiving assistance from a virtual coach on how to create a presentation.

Giving a speech or presentation to an audience can be nerve-wracking. To practise, you can either imagine an audience or enlist a few friends or acquaintances.

But these practice scenarios are far from the reality of an audience made up of different characters, emotions and interests. Ni Kang observed the behaviour of a group of people listening to speeches and developed a virtual audience for speakers to practise on. On Wednesday, 2 November, she will obtain her doctorate on the subject of ‘public speaking in virtual reality’ at TU Delft.


Dealing with the audience

Ni Kang investigated whether students who want to practise a speech or presentation using virtual reality actually find it useful. She explained, “Students were divided into two different set-ups:

One group had to practise in front of a virtual audience. The other group practised in front of an empty screen, on which they had to imagine the audience.” The results revealed that students who practised using virtual reality found it more pleasant and had more confidence in dealing with the audience.

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