Adobe Brings VR Video Editing Tools to Premiere. CloverVR – VoCo – Stylit | ADOBE MAX

The Adobe MAX is an annual event held by Adobe Systems in North America, Europe and Japan. The purpose of the event is to promote the latest Adobe releases to those in the computer design and development industries.


Because you can’t edit 360° video while immersed in 360° video, the current process for editing VR footage is tedious and clumsy, requiring ad-hoc workflows and desktop plugins. At least that’s what we’ve been told by very smart people.

CloverVR aims to solve this problem by providing editors dedicated tools to view and edit directly in VR. Check out the video to go inside the headset.


When recording voiceovers, dialogue, and narration, wouldn’t you love the option to edit or insert a few words without the hassle of recreating the recording environment or bringing the voiceover artist in for another session?

VoCo allows you to change words in a voiceover simply by typing new words. Have to hear it to believe it? Check out a live demo using a recording of co-host Jordan Peele’s voice.


You’ve heard it said that art imitates life. But what about technology imitating art? #Stylit allows you to transfer your personal artistic style from paper to screen, making your digital art appear like it was colored by hand.

How does it work? Watch the video to see it in action.  Spoiler alert: It involves oil pastels, spheres and 3-D models.

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