Christchurch customers are paying $50 to spend an hour being bombarded with 233 million pixels a second in what is believed to be New Zealand’s first virtual reality gaming lounge.

Jess Howard and her aunt Karen Dodgshun opened the VR Lounge in Riccarton two months ago and takers at the sessions range from 6 to 60-year-olds.

Dodgshun, who spent 20 years working in sales with logistics company DHL, invested $40,000 in the venture and Howard works as a residential property manager.

Neither of them are gamers but they could see the potential for a business built around new headset device released by an American game developer.

With the headsets costing $800 each and requiring a $4000 computer to run, the technology was well outside the budgets of most people, Dodgshun said, so that led to the idea of a commercial gaming lounge.

“We believed in it. We didn’t want to let the opportunity slide by.”

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