The VR project is the 1st and only virtual reality place in Greece which you can experience Immersive Virtual Reality.

Only 3 minutes away from Monastiraki metro station you can ENJOY the FUTURE that came to STAY for EVER !!!!


They have created for you, four excellent areas, fully equipped with the latest technology.

Wear the headset HTC VIVE, the most advanced virtual machine and enter a new unexplored world waiting to be discovered by YOU.

Explore  …..

Do you like traveling ?

What do you say to take you to magical worlds?

The “exploratory trips” section is for you !!!

  • You find yourself in a shipwreck on the seabed next to huge whales.
  • Climb to the top of Everest.
  • Handle the carrier of Apollo 11 along with Neil Armstrong during the Lunar Landing.
  • Take a trip through the human body and discover how cells operate.
  • Discover what lies behind a violent incident in a futuristic bar through the manipulation of time.
  • Make friend the little elf hiding in magical enchanted forest and will make you a surprise gift that will travel (application in demo form).
  • See how they see the robot in the future boring our existing easements with plenty of humor and sarcasm in Job Simulator.


By booking a VR space, they offer you:

  • State of the Art Virtual Reality equipment!
  • HTC Vive Headset with powerful workstation!
  • Comfortable air-conditioned private room!
  • Wide variety of “experience” Virtual Reality to choose!
  • Personal assistant that will help you throughout your tour in the world of Virtual Reality!


With 15 € per person, you experiencing 40 minutes Virtual Reality.

For groups of 4 persons 12,50 € per person. (same time).

Make a reservation NOW.


visit the website : The VR Project

Athenas 18 rd, (3rd floor), Monastiraki, ATHENS.



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