A Study in Interactive Mechanics for VR

Ever wanted to grab a cloud from the sky, or explore a cave through telekinesis? Dive into a mind-bending world of abstraction created by Eugene Krivoruchko and Ilja Burzev, where even familiar things can surprise you. It’s available for the Oculus Rift right now on our Gallery.

This work is a series of short-form VR experiences that explore a selection of various interactive mechanics, specific to the spatial medium. Our focus on interaction comes from the belief that anything that exists in the dynamic environment must obtain a certain degree of dynamic properties.

What is common for all experiences throughout the series is that at first predictable-looking environment starts to exhibit a behavior, that is less expected and even impossible outside of virtual reality. Instead of creating abstract-looking spaces, we aimed to explore abstract behaviors.

We chose working with optical hand tracking using Leap Motion over better preforming handheld controllers for the sake of leveraging direct manipulation and untethered hand gestures. While lacking haptic feedback is a serious drawback of optical tracking right now, we consider being able to interact with virtual environment using your bare hands to be an important milestone that the medium will move towards in the future.

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