VR AR Books Bangarang is a state-of-the-art proprietary publishing house committed to literacy, learning, fun and innovation using VR – AR Technology.

Bangarang Books, is the creator, publisher and distributor of the proprietary and ground-breaking INkMOTION technology product, combining enchanting children’s picture books with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) based applications.

World-renowned, award-winning artists and authors, such as,Ruth Palmer, Astrid Sheckels, Randal Spangler have contributed to the Bangarang Books line.

These beautifully illustrated picture book stories come with a free app that provides fantastic 3D AR and VR features, enhancing the story and enabling children to enter the adventures and experience events first-hand.

Along with this experiential learning, highlighted text and oral narration provide reading recognition and fundamental reading skills.

One of our goals here at Bangarang Books is to help children learn to be bilingual, trilingual and even multilingual!

Bangarang‘s philosophy is to “take children beyond their imagination” through picture books and products that inspire creativity, increase literacy and learning, innovate and expand the reading experience, and provide family entertainment and joy – all through combining the time-tested activity of reading and sharing picture book stories with state-of-the-art technologies involving AR and VR.

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