Project Dali is an immersive drawing experience in the virtual world. Artists use custom brushes to create, and move around their creations, in three dimensions—they can literally walk through their own paintings.

The experience is so surreal that we couldn’t resist calling it Project Dali. And the technology experience is completely new: as users, we’re freed from the mouse and keyboard as our proxies. We’re back into our physical space, but with a new level of expressiveness beyond the flat image. What else can it do? Well, that’s still unfolding.

Erik Natzke, principal artist-in-residence, Adobe Research says :

As an artist, I love the tactile connections I make while creating in the analog world. I also love digital, but there’s a persistent, maddening frustration as I go between the two worlds: digital often feels like a more constrained tool.

I think it could be a reflection of the engineering mindset. Instead of creating from the idea in your mind and using your body to work directly with the canvas or camera or clay, digital requires so much extra work just to figure out how to get things done.

Things in the physical world, on the other hand, are more malleable and forgiving when you use them to accommodate your vision. This is where my newest research comes in. In Project Dali, we’re building a creative tool that uses the spatial and gestural mechanics of Virtual Reality (VR).

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