IKEA VR App Experience, on Valve’s world leading game platform Steam. IKEA announced the release of a pilot virtual reality app, featuring a virtual kitchen experience, is the first foray from IKEA into VR technology.

ikea vr app steamThe launch of the app is intended to solicit consumer feedback as IKEA continues to explore the possible implications of the technology for the home. In recent years, IKEA has explored new technology as a way to improve its offer and empower customers. The launch of IKEA VR Experience is one of the steps taken in this effort.

Forecasts suggest consumer spending on virtual reality entertainment will hit 3.3 billion US dollars by 2020, and that VR usage will jump from four million in 2015 to 81 million by 2020.

ikea vr app steam kitchenWith this in mind, no wonder that Ikea wants to get a headstart in VR, potentially meaning that catalogues and showrooms will become a thing of the past.

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Below is a video with a previous App of IKEA using Augment Reality ( AR ).