Augment Reality AR kit for iPHONE

Put real objects in the digital world! Turn any tabletop into a musical instrument, bring boardgames to life and more with Oak.

What is Oak ?

Oak is a dock for your iPhone that lets you put real objects in your apps. It uses your phone’s camera to understand the space in front of it and make ordinary objects extraordinary!

  • Explore Augmented Reality with the Oak Kits
  • Track real objects in your apps with 3D position and pose.
  • Detect touch in a large area in front of Oak.
  • Create your own totem objects with our 2D and 3D printing guide.
Augment Reality AR kit for iPHONE Dock- OAK
Augment Reality AR kit for iPHONE Dock- OAK

What Will You Make With Oak ?

  • Play with the 3 starter kits to get a glimpse of what is possible with AR.
  • Imagine what you can make when objects are no longer limited by the physical world.
  • Create your own kit by building on top of the starter kits or making your own with our 3D/2D printing guide.
  • Bring your kit to life with the Oak SDK.

Oak Kits: Discover the Magic of AR!

Oak comes with 3 starter kits to show you what is possible with AR. Just place your iPhone on the dock, launch the Oak App, pick up a kit and play!

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