Medical VR

has gotten a ton of hype over the years. But the reality of VR technology has been less than exciting, and some problems—like expensive hardware and a small number of available apps—has kept VR from achieving its potential as a tool for more than video games and movies.

But that’s about to change. In this episode of REAL FUTURE, we met two health professionals who are using virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift as a medical tool. One psychologist, Fernando Tarnogol, has developed an app called Phobos that allows patients with extreme phobias or anxieties to get exposure therapy in a controlled, simulated environment.

And Dr. Neil Martin, a neurosurgeon at the UCLA Medical Center, is one of many surgeons who are using VR headsets to assist them in preparing to operate on patients.

These technologies could help VR reach the mainstream. But more importantly, they could save lives.

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