Ark of Noah invites you to a Virtual Reality tour of the Ark of Noah, hosted by Johan Huibers himself. Come experience in full immersive 360 video, this 410 feet long Ark as Mr. Huibers takes you to some of his favorite locations inside the Ark.

Click on the VR icon on the video to see footage with your VR headset and your mobile phone. Ark of Noah VR works on desktop with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. Use your mouse to click and drag to move around the experience.

Ark Noah VR TourArk of Noah VR is brought to you by Bible VR, a mobile app that takes you to travel through The Holy Land and other Sacred Destinations. For the entire Ark experience, download the Bible VR app, now available for your mobile phone.

Sneak Peak at the rooms of the Ark of Noah built by Johan Huibers, The Netherlands.

Rotate your device or use it with Google Cardboard for the full immersive experience.

Other fun facts about Ark of Noah

1. At age 33 Johan Huibers had a dream of a flood in the north of Holland, this triggered his adventure to build a full size replica of the Ark of Noah.

2. The Great Flood is retold in all cultures, all religions, on all continents in 250-300 similar stories world wide.

3. The Ark can take 7’000 persons aboard as per regulations. In regard to space, 10’000 would fit.

4. Walkable surface of 10’000 m2.

5. Length 125m, 29m wide and 23m high.

6. Total investment without labor cost: Euro 3.4 Million.

7. Reconstructing value: Euro 7 Million.

8. Average visitors 4’500 per week in small The Netherlands.

9. Build in 4 years and two months.

10. Total of 5 decks.

11. Only true size floating Ark in the world.

12: Johan followed closely to the bible (1 Peter 3:20) and a total of eight people built the ark.

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