Chios Castle is located on the north side of the port of Chios town and has an area of approximately 180,000 sq.m.

The castle includes residential area, enclosed by stone walls, which were aimed at protecting the population from naval attacks and sieges.

Excavations Reducing the existence of the Castle of Chios in Hellenistic times, and although he never abandoned, due to multiple attacks accepted by ambitious rulers, constantly changing appearance. Nowadays the Castle of Chios more identified with the age of the Genoese (1346 -1566 AD), the short Venetian occupation of the Castle in 1694-1695, but the later Ottoman period.

Chios Castle has always been the administrative and military center of the island, but the time of the Genoese saw the most glorious era in its history.

The walls are divided into land and sea covered, forming an irregular pentagon where strong bastions dominate along the walls, eight of the nine survived, others in very good condition and others do not.

Part of the east side of the walls do not exist today. The land walls surrounding moat, creating an artificial island and thus contributing to a better defense of the castle. Today the moat is drained and covered with soil.

The castle had three entrances, the main entrance-gate, the so-called “Mangiore Door” (Porta Maggiore), West Gate ( “Top Portello”) and Thalassini Gate (Porta di Marina), which is currently not saved.

Inside the castle, besides monuments of different eras, preserved alive a settlement with unbroken continuity through the ages, which today has about 650 inhabitants

Credits to : Konstantinos Anagnostou (Chios Island)