Level EX

is bringing state-of-the-art visual effects and engagement philosophies from the video game industry into the field of medicine.

The company unites experts in game development with top surgeons, creating ultra-realistic, virtual surgery mobile apps that allow physicians to master minimally invasive procedures in their specialty.

Level EX is a technology company that is bringing state-of-the-art visual effects from the gaming industry into the field of medicine.

Level EX has built the first hyper-realistic, 3D virtual surgery mobile technology for physicians to hone their surgical skills.

The company, founded in Chicago in 2015, has united award-winning game developers with expert surgeons from nationally-recognized academic institutions to create a mobile app that exposes physicians to challenging and rare cases in a responsive and realistic environment.

Airway EX

an app by Level EX, that allows specialists to master minimally invasive endoscopic procedures of the airway. The free app is available in beta for iOS from the App Store and for Android.

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