Mission to the Moon – Lunar Quattro

Audi is taking off for the Moon: in the capacity of cooperation partner, Audi is supporting the German “Part-Time Scientists” team in the Google Lunar XPRIZE space travel competition. The ambitious goal is to land a rover on the Moon.

The German “Part-Time Scientists” are working on an unmanned rover that is to explore the Moon as part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. Audi is supporting the group of 35 engineers with its expertise in a wide range of technical areas.

Audi mission Moon Lunar Quattro

Technical and design expertise.

As a cooperation partner, Audi is supporting the team in particular with its expertise in the areas of lightweight construction, electric mobility, permanent four-wheel drive and piloted driving.

The collaboration also extends to testing, trialling and validating quality. In addition, Audi Concept Design Munich is assisting the engineers with the design side and has reworked the rover, which will now be known as the “Audi lunar quattro”.

Audi lunar Quattro.

The lunar vehicle’s development has seen it pass through various test loops, and it features the following components: an adjustable solar panel catches the sun’s rays to supply energy to a lithium-ion battery that feeds a total of four electric wheel-hub motors. The lunar rover has an overall top speed of 3.6 km/h.

But especially important attributes for travel on the uneven surface of the Moon are its off-road characteristics and its ability to navigate reliably. There are three cameras mounted on the front of the vehicle, two of them stereoscopic and one scientific. The latter is for material testing.

Google Lunar XPRIZE

The Google Lunar XPRIZE is a space travel competition aimed at engineers and entrepreneurs from all over the world. To win, a private team must land a rover on the Moon, then get it to travel at least 500 metres and transmit high-resolution pictures and videos. The landing craft carrying the Audi lunar quattro is scheduled to embark on its mission to the Moon on board a launch vehicle by 2017.

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