Virtual Reality Hackathon – Nigeria

On Saturday, November 19th, with relatively little fanfare history was made, 5 teams of young Nigerian VR enthusiasts – developers, 3D animators, graphic designers, students and entrepreneurs – came together to participate in Nigeria’s, and quite possibly Africa’s, first Virtual Reality Hackathon.

The event was organised by Imisi 3D, the leading Virtual Reality creation lab in the country, with contestants asked to tackle solutions creation in 3 verticals – education, healthcare and tourism for the Samsung Gear VR.

Virtual Reality Hackathon - Nigeria

Judith Okonkwo, Imisi 3D’s founder, explained the atypical process adopted for the Hackathon “we wanted to give the teams the best chance of success, particularly as we were all so new to VR content creation, so we formed teams 2 months before the hackathon.

The thinking was that the teams could get together and start to work on their VR development skills with the lab’s support”.

The Imisi 3D lab utilised several VR ready computers, Gear VRs and mobile devices, 360° Cameras and Leap Motions provided in conjunction with event partners Facebook, Samsung and the Virtual World Society.

vr-imisi-3dImisi 3D is a Virtual Reality (VR) creation lab dedicated to growing a community of VR developers in Nigeria, creating solutions using VR, and providing educational and engagement experiences with VR.

They see huge potential for VR as a tool for creating everyday solutions and intend to change the technology narrative so that here we become creators and not just consumers of technology.

Imisi 3D is future thinking and committed to being responsible ancestors, creating a better world for today and tomorrow.

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