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VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – November 28, 2016 – The booming Virtual Reality (VR) market is reaching into new places every day. Devices ranging from the Google Cardboard to the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive have launched VR into the forefront of mainstream tech culture.

Any field of work that could benefit from a virtual location can add VR to their teaching, communications, and marketing toolkit. From on-site access to an online app, businesses can incorporate VR quickly and cost-effectively.

Real Estate has unique costs and challenges addressed by VR in new and exciting ways.

We’ve all seen show homes and sales centres designed to facilitate pre-completion or pre-construction home sales. They have artfully crafted scale models and beautiful décor.

Stambol Studios Architecture VR Real Estate

Many sales centres create a novel feeling of being on a movie set. While show homes provide an immaculate window into your dream future. They can be impressive, but rarely cost-effective.

Pre-sales centres face physical operational issues and immovable limitations:

  • Construction costs for the centre alone ($200K – $1MM+)
  • Renting (often for years) incurs up-front renovation cost as well
  • Multi-year projects often change, prompting further renovations
  • Location and hours restricts access to prospective buyers
  • Multiple presentation centers multiply the cost
  • Architectural scale models show only the immediate exterior area
  • Variations in flooring, fabrics and finishes can only be imagined

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