Introducing BRIDGE – The Last Frontier for your iPhone

This is what we’ve always dreamed of. This is the bridge between fantasy and reality. Where virtual characters can enter our world and interact with our environment as if they were really there. Or where we can enter and immerse ourselves in a virtual world, while still staying comfortably aware of ours.

Mixed Reality – And Positionally Tracked Virtual Reality, Too.

BRIDGE Occipital switch Virtual Reality Mixed
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With Bridge, you choose your reality. From Immersive virtual reality experiences with room-scale, Inside-out 6DoF positional tracking to stunning mixed reality experiences, an array of experiences are now possible.

Mobile VR with room-scale 6DoF positional tracking

Inside out positional tracking lets you roam freely through any virtual environment, while collision avoidance helps you avoid objects or walls around you. Developers can quickly port existing experiences to Bridge in minutes with a simple Unity plugin.

Inside Out Positional Tracking

With a sensing range of over 3.5 meters and a depth map that updates at 30fps, the Structure Sensor attached to every Bridge enables robust 6-DoF inside-out positional tracking for room-scale VR experiences. There are no external cameras or fiducial markers required, and near-instant relocalization prevents extended tracking loss in challenging circumstances. “

Real-World Physics and Occlusion

Using the depth from the Structure Sensor, content is smoothly composited onto your environment. Virtual objects can interact with and respond to the real world with object occlusion, physics, and lighting/shadows.

Character Pathfinding

Integrate our pathfinding methods with your character’s behavior for increased believability. Your game characters will successfully navigate your real 3D scanned environment to destination points or to other NPCs.

Obstacle Avoidance

By capturing a dense map of the scene, Bridge lets real world objects and features subtly present themselves to users as they navigate through virtual worlds. That adds an extra measure of safety, and also gives users awareness of where they are in the real world while still immersed in a virtual one.

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