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“Fly your Satellite” is an ESA educational initiative whose focus is to have university students working directly on a satellite and participating in most of its phases from design to launch and operations on orbit. University students now can apply for a new edition of the Fly Your Satellite! programme.

Would you like the opportunity to build and test your own small satellite with the support of real space professionals? Can you imagine having the small satellite you have tirelessly worked on launched into space and being able to operate it in orbit around the Earth? Then apply to the new edition of the Fly Your Satellite! programme.

Deadline for applications is 5 March 2017.

ESA is looking for new candidate teams for the Fly Your Satellite! programme.  In this edition of the programme, university student teams will be supported throughout the assembly, integration and testing, as well as the verification process, making use of ESA Education’s new facilities located at ESA’s Redu Centre in Belgium.

By participating in the programme, students will implement standard practices for spacecraft development, follow tailored training courses, receive support from experienced ESA specialists, and will be offered access to state-of-the-art spacecraft test facilities.

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United Space in Europe

European spirit, identity and cohesion are the overarching aspects for Europe to achieve the best of outcomes for its states and citizens in space and for a globally successful European space sector.

United Space in Europe describes the intensive cooperation of different European entities for the sake of a strengthening of Europe. With this strengthened European cooperation in space, the 2016 Ministerial Council will further ESA’s breadth and strength of action to cover its mandate as laid out in the ESA Convention through enhanced partnership with its Member States, with other institutional actors and with space actors worldwide.

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