VR courses for digital marketing by Academy Xi

Academy Xi teaches short, practical and skill-specific courses for people or companies wanting to upgrade their capabilities in design and innovation. We’ve delivered a number of custom team training packages, as well as many successful short courses for individuals.

Technology is rapidly evolving, causing a significant skills gap. The demand for skills is insatiable and is growing. There is a shortage of skilled digital talent with over 250,000 hybrid jobs unfilled in 2015. Traditional education models are not able to support this growth.

The name Academy Xi* came about because we wanted to create an education company of the future, founded with purpose. The premise that you can be what ever you want to be. X’ is a variable to the power of ‘i’ an identified number, embodying that you have limitless potential to do anything. ‘X’ also stands for experience and we’re all about creating endless positive experiences.

Custom training packages, tailored to your team

Academy Xi’s team training programs teach an array of modular skills; enabling your employees to create profitable products and solutions that work for you and your customers.

Our targeted approach consists of short, focused and high energy classes on everything from Design Thinking to Digital Marketing.

We design dynamic education plans that are customised to your individual needs. This means we determine the most effective, efficient and beneficial way to help your company.

Want to propel your Company’s strategy into the future?
Let’s make it happen.

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