Archaeological Virtual Reality – Lithodomos VR

Virtual reality devices represent an enormous opportunity to share cutting edge archaeological research through non-destructive digital content experiences for a large audience.

Lithodomos VR

understand that users fit different profiles. Accordingly, we create content for all VR devices that is simple to use, immersive and able to target every user of every age group, gender and level of technological skill.

At Lithodomos we take peer-reviewed archaeological research seriously. As trained archaeologists, the founders understand the importance and the responsibility to communicate well-researched reconstructions to viewers.

You are able to determine what content is captured and how, where the content is displayed and when, and at what price the content is delivered to those you choose as your audience.

Lithodomos means stonemason in Ancient Greek. We are digital masons of today. We are archaeologists and artists, and we use technology to breathe life back into the ancient world through virtual reality.

Lithodomos has an archaeological, artistic and design team to re-create ancient environments and build virtual spaces in virtual reality.

Once the content is created, it is hardware agnostic so we can deliver your content on any device, in any manner and at any location of your choosing.

Lithodomos VR is a virtual reality company that creates archaeologically accurate 3D reconstructions of the ancient world. Founded in 2016 in Melbourne, Australia, the company’s first app, Ancient Jerusalem in VR, is now available on Google Play for just $2.99

Ancient Jerusalem in VR by Lithodomos VRmore : Lithodomos VR


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